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Sociology offers a study of human relationships in society. Emphasis is placed upon culture, social structure, and the individual in society, societal institutions and social inequality. Students will examine the major sources of social change as well as minority groups and the impact of prejudice.

Students will be provided with Sociology and You

  1. Course Objectives

  2. Apply sociological theories to problems of modern society.
  3. Define sociology and explore the sociologist’s view of society.
  4. Explain the major sources of social change.
  5. List the major characteristics of minority groups and how they impact prejudice.
  6. Discuss a variety of family systems, as well as courtship and marriage patterns.
  7. Understand various political and economic systems.
  8. Understand the different perspectives on education, and be able to discuss some of the important issues in American education.
  9. Describe the characteristics of population change and urbanization.
  10. Discuss the main theories of social change and modernization.
  11. Discuss the positive and negative consequences of modernization for society.
  12. Discuss some of the current challenges faced by society.

Course Outline

Semester 1

• Chapter #1: An Invitation to Sociology

• Chapter #2: Sociological Research Methods

• Chapter #3: Culture

• Chapter #4: Socialization

• Chapter #5: Social Structure and Society

• Chapter #6: Groups and Formal Organizations

• Chapter #7: Deviance and Social Control

• Chapter #8: Social Stratification

Semester 2

• Chapter #9: Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity

• Chapter #10: Inequalities of Gender and Age

• Chapter #11: The Family

• Chapter #12: Education

• Chapter #13: Political and Economic Institutions

• Chapter #14: Religion

• Chapter #15: Population and Urbanization

• Chapter #16: Social Change and Collective Behavior

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