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Working for Success is designed to aid the development of career knowledge as an integral part of an overall high school education. The course helps students discover the relevance of their selected school courses to actual occupations and careers, and is an opportunity for students to assess their own performance, improve where necessary, and attain personal and career goals. Requirement: The Work Agreement form must be completed and submitted for approval PRIOR TO beginning the work experience or course requirements. Prior work experience will not be accepted.This is a Pass/Fail course.

Course Objectives

  1. Upon enrollment, the Work Agreement needs to be signed by the student, parent/guardian, and Working for Success supervisor, and returned to Keystone National High School.
  2. The Working for Success supervisor must agree to evaluate the student twice during the enrollment using the rating sheets provided by Keystone.
  3. The Working for Success supervisor must agree to complete the enclosed questionnaire.
  4. The student must keep a timesheet that indicates he or she worked at least 180 hours.
  5. The student must keep a daily log of work activities.
  6. The student must complete the enclosed questionnaire.
  7. The student must submit an essay, describing his or her work experiences and how these relate to a future career, workplace readiness skills developed during employment, attitudes and habits developed during employment, and career options this experience has created. This essay must be at least three typed pages in length.
Course Outline

Additional Included Materials:

  • Getting Help
  • Essay Guidelines
  • Cheating Policy and Statement on Plagiarism
  • Grading System
  • Mailing Instructions
  • Letter to Working for Success Supervisor
  • Letter to Working for Success Student
  • Work Agreement
  • Supervisor's Evaluations
  • Supervisor's Questionnaire
  • Student Time sheet
  • Student Questionnaire
tudent Questionnaire

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