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In this comprehensive survey of world history from prehistoric to modern times, students focus in depth on the developments and events that have shaped civilization across time. The course is organized chronologically and, within broad eras, regionally. Lessons address developments in religion, philosophy, the arts, science and technology, and political history. The course also introduces geography concepts and skills within the context of the historical narrative. Online lessons and assessments complement World History: Our Human Story, a textbook written and published by Stride. Students are challenged to consider topics in depth as they analyze primary sources and maps, create timelines, and complete other projects—practicing historical thinking and writing skills as they explore the broad themes and big ideas of human history.

When enrolling in the full year option of this course it will be delivered in two semesters. Transcripts will reflect each semester separately

Semester 1

Unit 1: Civilization Begins
•    Semester Introduction
•    Finding Our Past
•    Settling Down
•    The First Civilization
•    New Evidence of Earliest Settlements
•    The Gift of the Nile
•    Civilization on the Nile
•    Early Civilizations in India and China
•    Looking at Civilizations
•    The First Empires
•    Egypt Builds an Empire
•    Expanding Empires

Unit 2: Civilizations Flourish
•    Mediterranean Traders
•    The Hebrews and Early Judaism
•    South Asia and Hinduism
•    The Birth of Buddhism
•    India's Golden Age
•    Classical China and Confucianism
•    China's Dynasties
•    Exploring Further
•    Cultural Contributions of Asian Empires

Unit 3: The Western Classical World
•    Greek Beginnings
•    Rival City-States
•    War, Glory, and Decline
•    Greek Art and Literature
•    Lovers of Wisdom
•    Alexander the Great
•    Greek Contributions to Western Culture
•    The Roman Republic
•    Rome's Expansion and Crisis
•    From Republic to Empire
•    Roman Society and Culture
•    The Rise of Christianity
•    The Roman Empire Crumbles

Unit 4: Regional Civilizations and Cultures
•    North African Societies
•    African Empires and Their Legacy
•    South of the Sahara
•    More Ancient African Civilizations
•    Societies in the Americas
•    The Byzantine Empire
•    Byzantine Civilization
•    European Empires and Their Legacy
•    Russia Rises
•    The Rise of Islam
•    The Spread of Islam
•    Muslim Culture and Life

Unit 5: Regional Transitions
•    China’s Tang and Song Dynasties
•    The Silk Road
•    The Mongols
•    Mongol and Middle East Innovations
•    Korea and Japan Rising
•    Charlemagne Forges an Empire 
•    Life in the Middle Ages
•    Europe’s Age of Faith
•    The Crusades
•    The Culture of the Middle Ages
•    The Rise of Monarchs
•    Crises
•    Powerful People

Unit 6: Patterns of Civilization
•    West African Kingdoms
•    Eastern and Southern African Kingdoms
•    New Muslim Empires
•    Muslim Innovations
•    China’s Ming and Qing Dynasties
•    Japan’s Tokugawa Shogunate
•    Looking Back

Unit 7: Changing Worlds
•    The Aztec Empire
•    The Empire of the Incas
•    Contemporary Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas
•    Cultural Contributions of Mesoamerican and South American Empires
•    The Renaissance Begins in Italy
•    Artistic Genius
•    Beyond Italy
•    The Elizabethan Age

Unit 8: Semester Review and Test
Students review what they have learned and take the semester test.

Semester 2

Unit 1: Entering the Modern Era
•    Semester Introduction 
•    Europeans Set Sail 
•    Conquest and Colonies 
•    Global Contact 
•    In the East 
•    The Protestant Reformation 
•    The Catholic Reformation 
•    Religious Wars and the Rise of Absolutism 
•    England's Monarchy and Its Limits 

Unit 2: Revolution and Empire
•    The Scientific Revolution 
•    The Enlightenment 
•    The American Revolution 
•    The French Revolution 
•    Radical Revolution 
•    The Age of Napoleon 
•    Latin American Independence Movements 
•    Nationalism in Europe 
•    The Growth of Western Democracies

Unit 3: Changing Expectations
•    The Industrial Revolution Begins in England 
•    The Industrial Revolution Spreads 
•    Business, Labor, and a New Middle Class 
•    New Ways of Thinking 
•    Taking Action
•    A Rising Standard of Living 
•    European Scramble for Empire 
•    Asia Divided 
•    Non-European Nations Compete

Unit 4: War, Revolution, and Crisis
•    Toward a World War 
•    The Great War 
•    The Tide Turns 
•    War's End 
•    The Russian Revolution 
•    India Takes a Different Path 
•    Nationalism in the Middle East 
•    Uncertainty in the Postwar World
•    The Great Depression 
•    The Rise of Dictators
•    Japan and WWII 
Unit 5: World War II Reshapes the World
•    Aggression, Appeasement, and War 
•    The Allies Turn the Tide 
•    Discovering the Horror 
•    The Allied Victory 
•    Securing the Peace 
•    The Cold War Begins 
•    The Cold War Spreads 
•    China Transformed
•    The West in the Postwar Era
•    Beyond the Cold War
Unit 6: The Contemporary World
•    Postwar Latin America 
•    Dictators in Control 
•    Directions in Latin America 
•    Preparing a Presentation 
•    China Since 1945 
•    South Asia Since 1945 
•    Southeast Asia Since 1945 
•    East Asia Since 1945 
•    Advances and Issues in Asia
•    The End of Colonialism in Africa 
•    Challenges in Modern Africa 
•    New Nations in the Middle East 
•    Ongoing Struggles in the Middle East 
•    Middle East Politics
•    New Threats and Responses

Unit 7: Looking Back and Ahead
•    Global Interaction and Interdependence 
•    Global Economic Issues
•    Social and Environmental Challenges
•    Climate Change
•    Combating Global Issues
•    Technology, Science, and the Standard of Living 
•    Wrapping Up

Unit 8: Semester Review and Test
Students review what they have learned and take the semester test.


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