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In this World Literature course, students will be exposed to many types of literature from around the globe. The course will cover the classics, some you may have heard of, and some you haven’t. Students will learn about culture, geography, and religious beliefs that go along with the literature and authors. In addition to the classics, students will be exposed to modern and contemporary authors and literature. Students will write a research paper and keep a journal of writing activities. This course has a heavy emphasis on writing, so be prepared to share your thoughts.

Students will be provided with The Norton Anthology World Literature Volume 1 and 2

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the historical and cultural influences of various periods in worldliterature.Describe how the historical and cultural influences affected the development of literature.
  • Evaluate themes in worldliterature.Compose original written works including narratives, essays, technical documents, and a researchpaper.
  • Utilizethewritingprocessincludingprewriting,drafting,andrevising.
  • Identifyfiguresofspeech,includingsimile,metaphor,personification,andhyperbole.Apply knowledge of the elements of a short story, including setting, character development, point of view, conflict, andtheme.
  • Explain literary techniques used by writers, including irony, ambiguity, repetition, foreshadowing, andflashback.
  • Analyze forms of literature including drama, short story, essay, andpoetry.

Course Outline

Semester 1: 

Mesopotamian Literature and The Epic of Gilgamesh

Egyptian Literature

Hebrew Literature

Greek and Roman Literature

Asian Literature


Semester 2:

Literature of the Middle Ages


Nineteenth Century Literature

Twentieth Century American Novel, The Jungle

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